MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart


Motorworld’s 2021 Carspotter Award is setting off on its first lap! The photo competition connects car enthusiasts who enjoy taking pictures. Win the award and one of several attractive prizes.

The rules

All entries with an automotive theme and a direct reference to Motorworld are welcome. 150 photographs will be nominated from all the entries, of which 50 will then go through to the second round. Finally, three winners will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Here are the conditions for participation.

When and where can I apply?

Entries can be easily submitted using the form below. The application period runs from April 2 up to the closing date on June 1, 2021.

What happens to my photographs?

After the application closing date, all the applicants‘ photographs will be published on the Motorworld Region Stuttgart website. The initial selection will be undertaken by Motorworld, after which the photographs will be passed on to the expert jury from Blue Delta Films Stuttgart. Finally, the three best-placed images will be judged and announced.

Die Jury auf dem Filmfestival BaWü, Dezember 2019

Declaration of consent for linking social media accounts

By providing information about their user name for Facebook and/or Instagram and registering for the Carspotter Award, the participant agrees that MW Region Stuttgart Betriebs GmbH, Graf-Zeppelin-Platz 1, 71034 Böblingen (hereinafter "Motorworld") may link or mark the photographs provided by the participant for the Carspotter Award with the user name stated by the participant and will award credits. The participant also agrees that Motorworld may pass on the given user name for Facebook and/or Instagram to the following Carspotter Award partners:

If the participant gives their consent, the Carspotter Award partner – or those partners selected by the participant – will link or mark the user name given by the participant with the photographs provided by the participant for the Carspotter Award on their own profiles on Facebook and/or Instagram in order to award credits. Consent is voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time. If the participant does not give their consent or withdraws it, they will not suffer any disadvantages as a result.